Performance Teams

As United States General Stanley McCrystal noted, in today’s changing world our ultimate goal has to be more than just business efficiency.

He argues that we need to develop far more effective teams in organisations as it is only through collaboration and diversity will we thrive in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous or VUCA. The days of individual, gifted business leaders predicting the future and creating wonderfully detailed strategies and goals have gone. We just don’t know what the threat is or where the next setback is coming from.

Our best defence is to become more agile and adaptable in being proactive and to create performance teams at all levels of the business.

Performance Teams share the following characteristics:

  1. They work together to share and collaborate
  2. They share a common purpose and trust one another
  3. They have shared goals
  4. They have a diverse mix of skills and backgrounds
  5. They make workplaces fun and where people are recognised through feedback

How can we become more business agile? Developing really great performance teams are the best way to navigate this new business environment. Teams can scan for threats or opportunities, teams can problem solve, teams can communicate the length and breadth of an organisation, as well as up and down the hierarchy or organisational structure more effectively than any one CEO or C Suite can.



Learning Objectives could include:

  • Getting team basics right and understanding team dynamics
  • Understanding how to get your team to perform at the highest level
  • Checking your team’s health and avoiding the 5 team dysfunctions
  • Building a creative, team of team’s culture





Business Outcomes could include:

  • Developing effective strategies and plans for growing high performance teams
  • Taking team health checks and developing action plans to sustain ‘healthy’ teams
  • Growing and harnessing the team’s creative potential across the business




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