Leading the Business

The word leadership can trace its roots to the Indo/European word of ‘Leith’ which can be translated as ‘taking people over the threshold into the unknown’. From this standpoint, leadership perhaps has more in common with being a guide, pioneer or explorer. In times of high uncertainty and complexity, the leader’s ability to act as a guide for the business is critical.

Many organisations are going through a very great deal of change and perhaps it requires a new way of thinking about how we lead people. When leading the business, there is a need for whole leadership – that is the ability to gather and assimilate date, but also to have passion for people and their development as well as the guts to do the right thing when required.

Leaders at the level of the business must learn how to reframe and accept the new and often interconnected boundaries of the business world. They need to be able to identify and create new leadership routines, or compelling strategies, with visions and narratives that engage people with the challenges ahead.

The work of Ram Charan has provided some illumination on the leadership continuum – from leading self, to leading others, to leading the business. At every stage, leaders need to be able to take a different viewpoint, value different things, move from the operational to the strategic effortlessly.

At the level of the business the leader must be resilient and be able to take a long-term view. They have to role model their beliefs through their behaviour constantly. They need to create compelling stories and act as an organisational custodian.


Learning Objectives could include:

  • Understanding how to build a Leadership Pipeline
  • Creating compelling strategies, narratives and visions
  • Implementing a business scorecard
  • Understanding how to act as a story teller and organisational guide




Business Outcomes could include:

  • Building effective leadership teams at all levels of the business
  • Creating new leadership routines based on key performance measures
  • Creating a new business culture (a team of teams)



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