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In today’s complex and fast paced changing world, people need to believe they can be successful and navigate change. Importantly they need to be agile in how they think about and practice leadership and change.

The latest neuroscience and psychological thinking has given us tremendous insight into our minds and how people actually think about change. Key is the development of a growth mindset in which leaders believe that they and others can change behaviour and capabilities through hard work and deliberate practice.

To be successful, you need to work with leaders and teams so that they understand the power of a growth mindset and the limitations of a fixed mindset. And only then can you help to equip them with knowledge, skill and powerful learning experiences so that they can lead their companies through changing business environments successfully.



Learning Outcomes could include:

  • Understanding the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) business environment and the context for Agile Leadership
  • Exploring and understanding the new Agile Leadership Model – head, heart and guts
  • Create a mindset for Agile leadership to thrive
  • Forming Agile Leadership development plans
  • Believing that Agile Leadership is a ‘must have’ for business success





Business Outcomes could include:

  • Building and sustaining a Growth mindset business
  • Creating an action plan for implementing effective leadership changes
  • Implementing an Agile Leadership Pipeline
  • Changing your leadership culture




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