Leading Others

Leaders develop high performance teams and shape culture through their behaviours and actions. There are no shortcuts, as Leader’s create the employee experience which in turn shapes employee beliefs about how things are actually done in the workplace. Yes, you need strategy, but any strategy must align with your desired culture and we need to recognise that current culture or team performance will not change without a different style of leadership.

Leaders are accountable for the most critical element of teams which is alignment. Everyone and every team needs to be aligned on the beliefs, goals and actions required. Or as Simon Sinek tells us, leaders communicate the why, how and what of doing business.

Leaders must not get into the detail but instead be the facilitative ‘oil’ in aligning others around key ideas and messages:

– Communicating the compelling why?
– Instilling a sense of shared belief and common goals
– Creating an environment of learning and coaching

Leaders need the skill to facilitate dialogue, tell compelling stories and encourage team work and collaboration.



Learning Objectives could include:

  • Understanding how to create a coaching environment
  • Understanding how to motivate people and teams
  • Building Leadership capability in teams
  • Leading high performance teams





Business Outcomes could include:

  • Building and sustaining an Agile Leadership model
  • Building effective leadership teams
  • Creating a diverse learning organisation




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