My Leadership Point of View

In today’s complex and fast paced changing world, people need to believe they can be successful and navigate change. Importantly they need to be agile in how they think about and practice leadership and change.

The latest neuroscience and psychological thinking has given us tremendous insight into our brains and what people think and believe about change. Key to change is the ability of a leader to develop a growth mindset in which they believe that they and others can change their behaviour and capabilities through hard work and deliberate practice.

To be successful, you need to work with leaders and teams so that they understand the power of a growth mindset and the limitations of a fixed mindset. And only then can you help to equip them with knowledge, skill and powerful learning experiences. Only then will leaders be able to navigate their companies through changing business environments successfully.

The challenges facing people and companies in the 21st Century

The 4th Industrial Revolution is creating unprecedented challenges for all societies and economies. Digitization has meant that speed and access to market has enabled greater levels of opportunity and disruption. The face of work as we know it is changing through  automation and artificial intelligence. Whilst augmented reality and increased computing power has led to greater machine autonomy and advanced robotics. Business and people need to be agile, that is to say, be able to pivot, adapt and change how they work and learn together. All employees will need to act as leaders themselves and the C suite and senior managers will need to lead differently.

Who am I?

My belief is that leadership and change go way beyond the workplace. I help people, teams  and organizations to believe that they can transform their personal, work and life circumstances. My belief is that if people align their authentic purposes with their roles and jobs, then transformation occurs. People contribute to life and achieving goals from an intrinsically motivated position. They are more likely to teach, coach and develop others. I know that the basis of this is developing a growth mindset and a belief that all people can develop and change. I am here to help you, teams and organisations to change and transform.

My values

⁃ Equality (of opportunity for all)
⁃ Grit (to stay the course)
⁃ Compassion (for others)

My Leadership credo is servant leadership. Leaders are nothing without followers and if serving others is beneath you, then leadership is probably beyond you. Anon

What do I do?

Every company or organization is unique. This means that standard development approaches or solutions often achieve only partial success, if any success at all. I will work with you to co create, design, build and implement bespoke learning and development or change solutions which are anchored in the latest neuroscience and psychology of how people actually behave and are motivated to change.

How do I do it?

I use Discovery facilitation to create a learning environment which is created around how adults learn best.

My role is to create the learning framework around your particular business or change challenge. My role if you like, is to create a learning zone. I do this by working in partnership with you and bringing my knowledge and experience to really understand what makes your organization tick. Using the power of 3, I focus on your 3 must win goals. I strive to understand what it is about your company that is unique and which approach will have the greatest chance of success?

Discovery Facilitation

This style of facilitation helps people to change their mindset from fixed to growth.

This means that participants have a learning environment where they:
1. Have control over what they learn
2. Are stimulated to be curious about what they are doing
3. Interact with other adults in diverse groups

Why is this learning and development different?

Adults learn best through facilitated discovery learning. This allows adults to explore for themselves the ideas and knowledge that is being suggested to them, so that they internalize and make meaningingful conclusions for themselves. Discovery learning applies the latest science on the brain, the mindset and its key relationship with developing and sustaining high performance.

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